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HomeWe are experts in stained and beveled glass design, construction, restoration, removal, remodeling and relocation.We provide each client with the highest levels possible of ethics, expertise and enthusiasm.If you can image a mood, style or function in your home, we can enhance it for you with stained or beveled glass.Stained glass can change a meeting place into a sacred space.Public places like schools, libraries and restaurants can also benefit from using stained glass.We have the expertise and interest to conduct even your most challenging stained glass maintenance and restoration projects.From planning and financing to construction and installation, we can join you at whatever stage your project is now in but the sooner we get together the better for you.A useful place to browse with lots of design guidelines, technical alerts, news and other information to help you get the best results from your stained glass project.Contact us here because if you don't contact us, we can't help.You can come to us or we can come to you.Links5 extensive glass galleries with examples of New Church Stained Glass, New Residential Stained Glass, New Stained Glass In Other Public Areas, Kitchen And Bath Stained Glass and Stained Glass Care And Restoration.

One of a series of Arts & Crafts style custom sized kitchen cabinet panels.

The floral design of this large octagon bedroom window matches room's wallpaper border in Wheaton, IL.

A bright Prairie or Southwestern style sidelight.

Calligraphy in stained glass memorial window at First United Methodist Church, Batavia, IL.

A 6 ' tall Southwest/Mission/Prairie style sidelight.

This window is based on a carving in an French antique sideboard.

Bevels and colorful flowers make a beautiful front door window, Glen Ellyn, IL.

This beveled glass front door window in Naperville, IL, is a fine example of 'simple but elegant'.

This stained glass memorial window welcomes vistors and members in the narthex at First Presbyterian Church, Glen Ellyn, IL

One of a series of Southwestern themed kitchen cabinet panels.

CHICAGO MAGAZINE recommends us as the place in Chicago to get stained glass restored.

This charming floral pattern replaces plain glass in a stairway landing window in an older classic home in Glen Ellyn, IL.

One of a pair of Prairie style fireplace windows in Glen Ellyn, IL.

A window for privacy, lilght and beauty.

This Prairie-style window is a fine example of how simple actually can be elegant in a new Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home, Glen Ellyn, IL.

Divine Mercy Image in stained glass based on traditional painted icon.

Pattern 270-N from the 1909 Art Glass Catalog of the National Ornamental Glass Manufacturers Association.

We were honored to have our stained glass used to promote a concert at Ampleforth Abbey in England.

Center window of 3 based on style of African fabric art in chapel at Lawndale Christian Health Center, Chicago, IL.

This Arts & Craft style lily medallion from the 1920s along with all the unusual glass in the panel was salvaged from a dilapidated 1920s church window.

A recent article in the

A contemporary design and glass in a kitchen cabinet door.

A memorial window at Heritage Presbyterian Church, Carol Stream, IL.

An updated version of a classical design.

This lovely rose bouquet is bright in the mountain light.

A beautiful traditional styled sidelight in all uncolored glass.

An entry window based on a G.G.Elmslie design for the Babson Estate, Riverside, IL.

an elegant iris doorlight
A Custom Stained And Beveled Glass Boutique Studio

The finest custom stained and beveled glass is available here.

For the discerning client that appreciates the differences top notch design, materials and construction make.

A dramatic entryway with custom stained and beveled glass is elegant any time of the day or night, Paradise Valley, AZ.



WELCOME BROWSERS. David Wixon & Associates , Inc. was established as a full-time, full-service professional stained glass studio in suburban Chicago in 1982 and has served clients nationwide since then. In 2015 I moved my studio to suburban Phoenix, AZ, from where I have continued to be available to select clients on the most creative or challenging residential projects and church restorations.

In addition to my own skills and capacity I still have close working relationships with the many experts in their fields that were my associates who helped build the fine reputation of my company. They continue to be available to me and you as any special requirements of your project may require.

Please feel free to contact me with any question you may have or for more information about any of our custom stained and beveled glass and related products and services. I will be glad to work with you to achieve all of your objectives whether they are for distinctive and elegant residential glass, inspirational church windows, historic window restoration or any other creative art glass project.

I invite you to visit the Glass Galleries to see examples of my company's past and current projectS and for ideas to help you plan your own project. Also, check out the various articles in Helpful Information for lots of useful information and answers to common questions."

Dave Wixon, President, Stained Glass Artist and Artistic Director, David Wixon & Associates, Inc.

A custom fireplace screen adds an elegant touch to an already beautiful room.

Homeowners: Make your luxury home drop dead gorgeous. Do away with uninviting entryways, darkening shades, peeking neighbors and passersby, dusty or mildewing curtains, unattractive shutters and blinds and plain cabinet fronts. Add distinction and elegance to your fine custom home with Wixon custom residential stained and beveled glass and enjoy fabulous living.

Restoration And Conservation: Noteworthy art glass deserves preservation. Restoration is a wise investment. I can turn your tragic glass back into magic glass.

Church Windows: Amazing grace demands amazing glass to proclaim it. With so many glorious Wixon stained glass window options, no church should be ugly as sin.

Collectible Historic Stained Glass For Sale. A rare opportunity to own a piece of significant glass art and history.

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Custom glass can transform an ugly view.

This French chateau style window of entirely uncolored glasses over the spa tub provides privacy but still opens to let in fresh air.

No matter what I make or restore for you your project will always be constructed as well as it looks. I will be glad to explain how the differences in design, construction and installation make David Wixon & Associates a better choice for your project.

Gingko leaves on a background of contemporary uncolored glass textures.

A beautiful window provides both light and privacy in a master bathroom, Hinsdale, IL.

Traditional colonial style sidelights in lovely home in historic Clifton, VA.

The most important decision you can make in the design, construction or restoration of your stained glass windows is the professional custom stained and beveled glass studio you choose to help you achieve your objectives. When necessary, that studio should also be able to help you define and refine those objectives so that your project will be most appropriate for your own particular circumstances.

This shower window brightens an ordinary view.

Elizabeth Morse Memorial Window in main entrance at Allendale Association, a family and children's social service agency, Lake Villa, IL

A simple but fabulous looking clear glass panel separates a kitchen and dining room in a new home in West Chicago, IL.

David Wixon & Associates, Inc., also known as Wixon Art Glass, is a full-service professional custom stained glass and beveled glass studio. In 1982 we began serving clients across the United States from our Midwest suburban Chicago studio. Following our move to suburban Phoenix in 2015 we are continuing to serve our customary broad range of clients from our Arizona location. Along with our construction and remodeling affiliates we provide a wide variety of architectural and decorative art glass and related services. These include the design, construction and installation of new stained glass windows and frames and stained glass restoration, removal, remodeling, and relocation of existing residential and church stained glass and leaded glass windows. We are one of the few firms that are experts in stained glass restoration, repair and historical preservation and conservation.

Detail from Psalm 150 'Praise the Lord!' Window at First  Presbyterian Church, Glen Ellyn, IL
In doing this, all of the owners, stained glass artists and craftsmen at David Wixon & Associates, Inc., provide each client with a level of ethics, expertise and enthusiasm no other firm can surpass.

We have an excellent reputation for completing our projects to our client's specifications, on budget and on time. Our team of expert stained glass designers, builders, installers and stained glass restoration specialists has a record of meeting the requirements of even the most unusual and challenging projects.

Don't neglect to consider the quality of your stained glass installation. Installation is an important part of many projects. Unlike many other studios we have a regular experienced team of professional installation experts that are capable of recognizing and solving the most difficult issues like frame repair or access to high locations that often come up during an installation or removal of significant stained glass. You can count on installation by David Wixon & Associates to be economical, sturdy, and attractive.
David Wixon & Associates has the capacity and capabilities to handle any kind and size of stained glass project you may have in mind.

We invite you to consider us your resource in stained glass to be used in any way we can be of use to you. You will find us helpful and glad to act as advisors to building committees, architects, and interior designers or to owners directly. Further, we can join the process of planning, acquiring or restoring stained glass at any stage.

One of the panels in a large Spanish Colonial style sidelight, Paradise Valley, AZ.

For instance, if you are still in the preliminary stages of your project, we can advise concerning various stained glass alternatives and the implications of their use such as their costs, framing and reinforcement requirements, frames installation techniques, lighting, maintenance and ventilation ramifications and restoration or remodeling. Next, we can assist you in planning the window openings and in developing and designing themes, subjects and styles for your stained glass. Or, if you are at the other end of the process and ready to proceed with the construction of designs you already have, we can fabricate those for you.

Fun window in home's auto racing-themed recreation room
We can do this for you whether you are acquiring a new memorial window for your church, adding a touch of elegance to your home's entryway, providing privacy and a romantic motif for your home spa or restoring a historic home or church. If you can imagine a style, message, mood or function in your home or church, David Wixon & Associates, Inc. can enhance it for you with stained glass or beveled glass.

This brand new Arts and Crafts style window is a lovely replacement for a home's ugly glass block wall, Elmhurst, IL.For example, stained glass cabinet fronts, bathroom windows and kitchen windows are the perfect touches for your elegant custom kitchen and bath designs. Or, as part of your new home plans or interior design, a custom beveled glass door, sidelights and fanlight or transom make the most gracious grand entryway. Consider stained glass for a wine cellar window or door. And, nothing else in your home will equal the impact of a stained glass skylight. If your home has a view or appearance that is tragic, use Wixon Art Glass and make it magic.
Right side of new memorial glass around entrance of Ringwood United Methodist Church, Ringwood, IL.

Of course, inspirational church stained glass always has a place in church architecture regardless of the building or worship styles. And, the donation of a memorial window is an excellent way to honor God and to remember and extend the testimony a loved one. Our ecclesiastical glass can help turn an ordinary meeting place into a sacred space. Don't be trapped into settling for a "gymatorium". No church building should ever be described as being ugly as sin.

We invite you to review samples of our stained glass portfolio which are displayed throughout this website. In addition, samples from our stained glass portfolio are arranged for your convenience in various Glass Galleries. These are our New Church Stained Glass Gallery, New Residential Stained Glass Gallery, New Stained Glass in Other Public Areas Gallery, Kitchen and Bath Stained Glass Gallery, and Stained Glass Care and Restoration Gallery.

We have also prepared a section on our website at Helpful Information where you can find lots of helpful information, useful guides and pertinent announcements regarding common questions and concerns we receive frequently. We invite you to review this section for information we hope will be helpful to you in making your stained glass decisions.

Feel free to contact us, even if it is just with a question or a request for information. We can meet all of your needs for specialized stained and leaded glass services and will be pleased to work with you so that your stained glass objectives will be fully achieved.

Major stained glass window and frame restoration and replacement at Uptown Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

This original peacock design is in a large octagon shaped window next to a bathtub.

We have our own regular expert installation crew.  Shown here are Gary and Tim replacing some ugly colored glass with a brand new inspirational window at a church built in 1965 in Burlington, Wisconsin.

This window behind the pulpit was designed to stop the glare from the southern sun and to highlight the wall on the chancel wall. It is at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, Roselle, IL.

This bright aquarium scene at the top of an interior wall allows natural light from the kitchen into the home office, Chicago, IL.  It is approximately 11 feet long.

new Victorian-style beveled glass transom for 1880's era Chicago residence

These windows were in the church's previous historic building.

This trellis window along the top of a wall allows daylight to pass between the living room and an interior bedroom, Chicago, IL.  It is approximately 11 feet long.

A historic design adapted to contemporary glass.

Our crew working to install new inspirational glass at Citadel of Faith Covenant Church, Detroit, MI.

The addition of these beautiful Tudor style custom glass panels in bathroom casement windows provide light and privacy while continuing to allow the windows to open and close.and close.

This abstract bathroom window utilizes many modern glass textures to complement its contemporary design.  Installed in Deerfield, IL.

This colorful family room window is perfect for every season.

A new art glass parlor transom to replace one missing in a historic Chicago home.

"I love the detail of my glass panel. It turned out to be more beautiful than I had imagined. I knew you would make our ideas come to life. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to the details we wanted. You and your daughter did exceed our expectations. I will be sure to recommend you and am thinking of other ways to use custom glass windows in our house." -- C.V., St. Charles, IL.

These Morning Glories are intertwined on a trellis formed by the door's original mullions.

"Just a quick note before we go out of town---THE WINDOWS ARE FANTASTIC! Even better installed than your photos showed us!" -- Brian & Lee, Glen Ellyn, IL

"I ALWAYS recommend you if anyone needs a stained glass window!! Pat & I are big fans of your art, as well as you personally! My one friend is thinking about some work when her house is finished and I will pass along your name. I've already told her about all your wonderfulness." --L.O, Lombard, IL.

"Thanks for your beautiful work - they are lovely - elegant & subtle & perfect in the rooms. I'm delighted!" --P.D., Oak Brook, IL.

(I am almost too embarrassed to share these compliments but I did because it is important for our clients to know the kind of service they will receive. For another example of what others say about us click on the recent "Chicago Tribune" newspaper article shown in the left margin. --Dave)

A beautiful stairway window of aspens and flowering columbines in the Prairie style.

These Contemporary styled sidelights flank a home office entryway in Wilmington, DE.

The door design spectrum goes from traditional to contemporary.

We replaced an entire outdated doorway with this beautiful mahogany entryway that includes custom glass in the sidelights and transom.  Installation was done by our associated firm Fino Creative Enterprises.  The lovely home is in Lake Forest, IL.

Some of the religious symbols in the new windows at Citadel Of Faith, Detroit, MI.

This Prairie style panel is 1 of 2 mirror image panels installed in a stairway landing window in a Wilmette, IL, home.

Contact us for custom stained and beveled glass doors, sidelights and transoms, grand entrances, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets, stairway windows, and fancy skylights. Our stained glass artists and studio can help you achieve the look and feel of the fabulous life in your fine luxury home.

"We make music for the eyes with stained glass."

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