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A Custom Stained And Beveled Glass Boutique Studio

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for men. Remember that the Lord will give you as a reward what he has kept for his people. For Christ is the real Master you serve." --Colossians 3:23,24

"The Christian artist's mission is to add to the beauty, truth and joy of the world, not its hopelessness."--Leland Ryken

"Your talent is God's gift to you. Using it well is your gift to God"--Red Skelton, Comedian

David Wixon, President and Artistic Director

Dave Wixon is personally involved in every project conducted by David Wixon & Associates, Inc.  Here he is shown during an installation of new inspirational glass at Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Burlington, Wisconsin. Prior to founding this firm, Dave was a business consultant and college business administration professor for nearly 20 years at schools including Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge, DePaul University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Wheaton College.

As a political science undergraduate in what was at that time the new field of city management, Dave studied widely in the areas of urban history, city planning and urban renewal. Attending a liberal arts university, he was also broadly exposed to the humanities. This combination fostered a lifelong interest in architecture, other environmental art, restoration and fine art, in general.

While teaching and consulting in promotion management and related graphic arts, Dave established David Wixon & Associates, Inc., in Glen Ellyn, suburban Chicago, Illinois, to help firms with their marketing needs. A series of projects that resulted in the use of original stained glass in signs and advertising artwork created by Dave provided the impetus to develop his passion for stained glass into a business endeavor.

By associating himself with other highly qualified expert craftspeople for a rigorous training in architectural glass and studio operation, Dave expanded David Wixon & Associates, Inc., also known as Wixon Art Glass, into the full-service, full-time professional stained glass studio that it has operated as since 1982.

Dave involves himself in some manner in every project undertaken at David Wixon & Associates, Inc. He says "It's nice to make nice things for nice people. I want to do as much as I can."

For almost 40 years Dave was the regular drummer in the Mad Monks of Melody Traditional Jazz Band. The Mad Monks are still widely enjoyed for the "joie de vivre" of their Dixieland style of music. They are especially known throughout the Midwest for their jazz worship services in which they lead congregations in singing favorite old time hymns in the New Orleans jazz funeral style.

In 2015 Dave relocated his studio to Peoria, Arizona, in suburban Phoenix where he is continuing to provide the same high quality stained glass service for which he and it are known.

Although I am involved in every aspect of all of my projects I have the resources of other expert associates available to assist on specialized aspects of your project as needed. Here are representative examples of them.

Amy Wixon Wallace, Partner, Designer and Glazier

Amy Wallace exhibits her passion and skills in the creation of new art glass and in the restoration of historic glass.Amy is married to Chris and the mother of 3 active sons, Colin, Sean and Luke. She is also a highly skilled art glass designer and glazier. She is especially gifted in planning and conducting complicated restorations including those involving the replication of whole missing window sections. She has been an associate of David Wixon & Associates since 1994.

Amy is a graduate of University of Wisconsin at Madison with degrees in History and Communication with an emphasis on Television, Radio and Film. She is also a certified elementary school teacher. She combines the historical perspective of place and time and her background in the visual arts with her extensive artistic and mechanical skills to be able to plan and guide any of the diverse projects at David Wixon & Associates.

Amy is currently on leave but is still available for consulting and special projects.

Bernarr Wixon, Inspiration, Mentor and Retired Associate

Prior to his retirement just a few years ago Bernie is shown with an antique window panel he helped restore.After a long career in consumer electronics that included positions in design, manufacturing and merchandising he became Service Manager for The Beautiful Sound, Inc., the Chicago outlet for Steinway Pianos and Allen Organs.

After retiring again he joined his son and grand-daughter at David Wixon & Associates in the area of sales and company management. However, his skill and desire to see a project through to its end and his engineering and mechanical background soon found him active in all the areas of the business.

Our studio's operating philosophy to provide services and products with the highest ethics, expertise and enthusiasm can be traced to Bernie's example and guidance.

At 100 years old he remained an inspiration and mentor to Dave in both business and personal matters. He also continued to maintain an avid interest in his home workshop and various new projects in it.

Bernie was approaching 101 years old when he passed away. He is missed but his life and legacy continue to influence our firm.

Pat Tiitto, Stained Glass Designer and Artist

Pat Tiitto is ta gifted and long-time stained glass designer and artist at David Wixon & Associates.Pat is a renowned stained glass designer and artist and art instructor. She has designed monumental and decorative stained glass for both churches and premium residences across the United States. Many of the examples of our work shown in our website "Glass Galleries" were designed by Pat.

Pat's formal education in art was at Cleveland Institute of Art; Skohegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skohegan, Maine; Institute of European Studies, Vienna, Austria: and Kent State University where she earned a M.F.A. degree. She has continued to expand and refine her natural artistic skills and capabilities through many years of professional service with prominent stained glass studios in Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois.

Pat has been an associate with David Wixon & Associates since 1994.

"The Genius Brothers", Our Mechanical and Construction Specialists

There is lots more creativity in art glass than just designing and building it. Some of the most challenging situations in some projects involve problem solving in such areas as frame reconstruction, fragile historic glass removal, retrofitting stained glass into modern frames, gaining access to high locations, and transportation of heavy and over-sized panels.

It is sometimes difficult to anticipate some of the problems or the extent of these problems that may arise in the course of a project. For instance, after a historic window is removed from its frame rotten wood sills may be discovered that must be repaired or replaced before the restored window can be reinstalled.

Some of our long time associates are skilled facilities construction and maintenance specialists. They are accustomed to and capable of dealing with the unusual requirements of many of our projects. They are not called "The Genius Brothers" for no reason.

They are each accomplished Problem Solvers in the areas of machinery and construction and contribute greatly to our firm's ability to make our client's project go smoothly and on time, one specifications and on budget.

Tim Stough, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter and Glazier

Tim Stough at work on a restoration project for Uptown Baptist Church, Chicago.

As an "M.K." Tim was raised in the Congo. Raised to be self-reliant he is skilled in many different areas of design, materials and construction.

In addition to providing David Wixon & Associates with a variety of complementing services he also owns and operates Loyal T Cabinetry Company, Wheaton, IL.

Tim continues to serve on volunteer construction and ministry teams in Africa and other under-developed and under-resourced areas of the world, most recently in Uganda.

Colin Wallace, The Fourth Wixon Generation in Stained Glass

Amy's son Colin is the 4th generation of Wixons to develop skills in stained glass.
Amy's son, Colin, has been refining his stained glass skills since he was a middle school student. Now a student at York High School in Elmhurst, IL, he is capable of executing all phases of projects up to moderate levels.

Colin is an excellent student in both school and studio. He enjoys sports, especially swimming, cross country, track and field and stock car racing. Colin also is a percussionist in several of the bands in school.

Amy and Dave, the Glass Elf and the Mad Monk themselves.

Interview below with Dave Wixon by Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, Roselle, IL, following installation of new stained glass there.

Dave Wixon interviewed by Spring Valley Presbyterian Church upon installation of new stained glass there.

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