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A Rare Opportunity To Own A Piece Of Art And History

FOR SALE: 2 Pairs Of Vintage Stained Glass Windows From The English Studio Of
Charles Eamer Kempe

Kempe Studio Commission No. 3491

Kempe Commission No. 3630

Minimum price for all 4 panels: $20,000

Here is a rare opportunity for collectors to acquire significant historic stained glass from the English stained glass studio of Charles Eamer Kempe. Kempe windows have been considered on the same level as windows from William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones. Early Kempe windows were of the same era at the start of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The studio existed until 1934.

These windows were installed in a church in Montpelier, Vermont, USA, in 1928 and 1931. They were commissions 3491 and 3630 as attested to by the Kempe Society studio archives. The church put these windows in storage in the 1950s when a new church that no longer accommodated the shape of these windows was built. I acquired them in 2004 when they were rediscovered in storage during a church remodeling project.

The subjects of these windows are the Crucifixion and the Ascension of Jesus. While religious in nature these windows are also excellent examples of classical stained glass design and craftsmanship. Each panel is an excellent example of the characteristics of Kempe windows: wide use of silver stain, detailed and delicate painting, peacock feather-like angel wings, and elaborate and individual halos for each portrayed saint. design and craftsmanship.

Each of the 4 panels is 18 1/2" x 52" unframed. They were originally installed in limestone frames. The appearance and condition of all 4 panels is very good. The original round rebars had been removed to facilitate storage but the original tie wires are still attached to the panel and could most likely be used again. In the meantime, the windows were well built and are still flat and rigid. The lead borders are still intact.

These windows could easily be squared off with the addition of some compatible design and glass across the top to make these panels rectangles without disturbing the existing window in any way. They could also be lengthened or widened without destroying the integrity of the panels. Otherwise, thhere is no need for any restoration or repair.

Among Kempe windows these are distinctive for at least two reasons. First, they are among a relatively small proportion of stained glass windows the Kempe studio made for North America. Therefore, Kempe windows are not often available to collectors, especially to those in the U.S. And, they are still in the U.S. in Phoenix, Arizona, area.

Second, most of the inscriptions on Kempe windows are in Latin. In fact, when these windows were rediscovered the inscriptions in English were originally thought to rule them out as Kempe windows. Actual photos from the Kempe archives, however, confirmed that these are, indeed, Kempe windows.

Asking price is f.o.b. Peoria, Arizona. Seller will help to arrange safe pickup or delivery.

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