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A Custom Stained And Beveled Glass Boutique Studio

"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty." --Proverbs 14:23

How To Proceed: From Concept To Completion

"We're not satisfied with the ordinary so you don't have to be either."

Questions? Want more information? Want to know your options and their implications? Don't assume anything! CONTACT US. We want to be your stained and beveled glass resource.

Examples sketches of design proposals and the finished window in stained glass.

The most important decision you can make in the design, construction or restoration of your stained glass windows is the professional custom stained and beveled glass studio you choose to help you achieve your objectives. When necessary, that studio should also be able to help you define and refine those objectives so that your project will be most appropriate for your own particular circumstances.

The best outcome for a client is not determined by his close supervision but by selecting the best contractor in the first place. Selection, not supervision, is the key. Select well and create the best circumstances in which your most capable contractor can work and the results you get will be excellent.

Dave is shown cartooning a color sketch of a new memorial window at Batavia United Methodist Church.

We invite you to look upon David Wixon & Associates, Inc., as an extension of your own architectural staff, interior design team, building committee, church administration or any other group responsible for stained glass decisions and to consider us a resource in stained glass to be used in any way we can be of help to you.

Our stained and beveled glass studio is available to serve clients across the United States from our new Peoria, Arizona, location in suburban Phoenix.

We can join your process of planning and acquiring stained glass at any stage.

For instance, if you are still in the preliminary stages of your project, we can assist you in determing the size, shape and number of window openings, developing and designing themes and subjects, and the style or motif for the glass designs. If you are ready to review glass designs we can prepare these for your existing windows or window plan. Or, if you are ready to proceed with the construction of designs you already have, we can fabricate these for you.

Our sketch showing glass design as it will appear in frame.

If you are interested in information on stained glass and trying to determine what is involved in such a project, we are available to present options to you and to discuss their costs, installation requirements, lighting and ventilation ramifications and other pertinent matters for your consideration.

Important Business Practices And Procedures That Guide All Projects

To avoid possible misunderstandings or false assumptions concerning any project the following information is provided about some important business policies and procedures used to manage the operations of David Wixon & Associates. We believe by following these guidelines we can best achieve our own personal and business objectives and the objectives of our discriminating clients.

Project Cost, Minimum Fee, And Design Fee

It is always our objective to provide our clients with a most excellent value. However, best value is rarely possible at the lowest cost.

An example of a recommended stained glass design and glass palette for a new church window.  We can assist any of our clients in these areas.The actual cost and work schedule will depend on the particular characteristics of the window that you finally commission. Normally, it is not feasible to engage in projects with a budget less than $1,000. Other than that, it should be possible to work within your tastes, style, overall goals and budget in a way agreeable to both of us. In any case, the final agreement to commission your window will include a specific fee and work schedule.

For a custom window, a portion of our fee is for design as well as for materials and construction. Customarily, because of the time and work involved, this design fee is determined in the initial stages of our process and is paid before the actual plan in drawn. When the design is approved, this fee is applied to the usual deposit. In the unlikely event you decide not to commission the construction, the design fee is not refundable.

For more information regarding the cost of stained and beveled glass see our detailed article "Budget Guidelines For Stained And Beveled Glass: How Much? What For?" in our Helpful Information section.

Project Schedules And Deadlines

All deadlines for completion are tentative. Because David Wixon & Associates has the capabilities and interest to conduct the most challenging projects we are often commissioned to do projects in which it is difficult or impossible to determine a work plan and work schedule until the project is underway. In circumstances like this we are often commissioned to do "what is necessary" to accomplish specific objectives. In order to do this we will take as long as it takes to do what we discover to be necessary.

In all our projects our main concern is to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our typical projects are not ordinary ones but those requiring high levels of creativity and expertise and extensive attention. Therefore, the requirements of existing projects and commitments to other previously commissioned projects and not some arbitrary deadline must determine the work schedules for all new projects.

In most cases, the order in which we conduct our projects is the same as in which they are commissioned.

If a particular deadline such as a building dedication or an occupancy date is important to you we recommend commissioning your project as far in advance as possible. Of course, we will advise you regarding what our current expectations for completion might be based on the nature of your project and our current commitments. However, these are not intended as fixed deadlines.

Please note we are working as fast as we can. There is no need to ask us if we can speed up your project. Normally, we can not. However, just like the projects before it, your special project will be given the attention and time if requires, too. You can be assured that the outcome of your project will be worth waiting for.

We Are Not A Stained Glass Repair Shop

The incidental repair of such items as bent lampshades or cracked window glass is no longer within the scope of our business to create and maintain significant custom art glass. We are simply not set up to make small repairs. Repairs are now made only when part of a larger restoration project or in an ongoing relationship for us to monitor and maintain a client's stained glass.

The Charge For Evaluations, Consultations And Proposals

Because of our extensive stained glass expertise and experience we are frequently contacted by those planning an extensive stained glass project of some sort for an evaluation of their situation and a proposal for a project that will take place in the future.

We are always glad to answer questions and to provide general background information regarding stained glass and related topics such as costs, frames, installation and maintenance requirements and implications. However, there is a charge when we are asked for specific professional findings, conclusions and recommendations. The basis for these fees can be either on a time and materials basis or on a negotiated fee basis. In the same way there is a charge whenever we are asked to develop specifications for the client's project for them.

The best time to consider stained glass is at the very beginning of a construction project.  We can advise you on all your options and their implications and make recommendaitons for the best results.

Final Budget Is Determined By Actual Size Of Project

Although we will agree to a fixed rate for our fees so that you can plan your project realistically, the final budget is still flexible.

It is not uncommon, especially when asked to create new stained glass, that the final size of the art glass will be different from that which was originally discussed with us. Fees for new art glass are typically computed as a total of budgeted costs that are expressed in terms of so much per square foot. Therefore, if the size of the glass area changes from the time of initially planning the project to the final size, the final budget will be subject to revision to reflect this change in size.

For example, based on the design requirements of the client's specifications for their art glass, the appropriate rate to create this may be $225 per square foot. If they are planning for a panel that will be 3' x 3', the total area of that panel will be 9 square feet and the appropriate feasible budget will be $2025. However, if the final size of the art glass ends up being, say, 3' x 4' or 12 square feet the budget now will be $2700 and not $2025.

When economies of scale and certain minimum costs permit, the budget may also be modified if the glass area is smaller than that which was originally considered.

Normal Rates Quoted For New Art Glass Are For Design And Construction Only

Unless specifically included in the proposal for new stained or beveled glass, the costs for delivery or shipping, installation and frames are always invoiced on an actual time and materials basis. We can more easily predict and control the variables that affect the design and construction of new glass than we can with the above activities or items.

Examples of the kinds of items and activities that are beyond our control but may affect the final overall cost of a project include the following: 1. the need to rent lift equipment in order to reach upper level windows where normal scaffolding or ladders are not feasible; 2. long wait for space at high rise condominium loading dock and freight elevator to be available; 3. extensive dry rot of sills and sashes that must be restored or replaced before new glass can be installed; 4. extra time needed to erect and move required scaffolding or ladders for access to high window locations; 5. significant differences in prices of new frames with various combinations of specifications that may be part new glass project; 6. need to repaint, rechaulk or otherwise improve window opening; and, 7. construction of special crating or racks necessary to transport or handle unusual sized or shaped panels.

New Frames Are Priced Separately From Art Glass

We have good alternatives for both church and residential window frames and doors designed specifically to hold custom leaded glass. However, there is no standard rate for which these frames will cost.

Variables that determine the actual cost for a specific window frame or door include such things as size and shape of the frame, number of internal divisions within the glass area necessary for support, number and style of operating vents, casement or fixed mount, type of material used to make frame, type of frame finish, secondary glazing involved and thermal characteristics of the frame.

In instances of new construction where a window or doorway will exist whether or not it will hold stained glass we believe the general construction budget is the appropriate category in which to classify the frame expenses and not to the category of stained glass. This is because the cost of the frame is not dependent on having stained glass.

For the most part if there is to be a window or doorway of any kind, the stained glass itself is the only variable that should be considered the cost of stained glass. This is because a window frame or door will be required regardless of whether stained glass is present or not. It is also our experience that to the extent that there is any extra cost at all for a frame or door specifically for stained glass the incremental or added cost is final cost is not significant and the final cost is equivalent to the cost of other good quality frames and doors.

Therefore, to include the cost of the window frame in the stained glass budget inappropriately inflates the cost of new stained glass.

Payment Must Be Up To Date For Project To Begin And Continue

When planning a client's project we will work with them to establish a feasible payment schedule appropriate to the size and nature of the project involved. The project will include identifiable benchmarks for measuring the progress being made on and the costs being incurred by the project.

No work will be initiated or continued in the event that a scheduled payment is not paid when due. Late payments will also be subject to a late fee or interest charge. Interrupted projects may also be subject to rescheduling.

Changes In Project Specifications Subject To Extra Fees Or Budget Revision

Changes may be requested by the client after the project has begun. However, in the event that these change orders affect the feasibility of the previously agreed upon budget, extra fees or a revised budget may be required. Among the variables that may be considered a change request is the request for the development of a new design proposal based on significantly different criteria than originally given to us by the client to guide our design process. Such requests may be subject to another design fee.

A big thank you to cartoonist Scott Adams for explaining that stained glass studios are just like every other kind of business.